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Grocery Services: Samuel International is a preferred partner for the grocery industry, delivering fresh and perishable goods to destinations worldwide. Our meticulous handling and temperature-controlled logistics ensure that your grocery products arrive in pristine condition, ready for consumption or sale.

Commercial Services: Our comprehensive logistics solutions cover the entire supply chain, from warehousing and packaging to global shipping, guaranteeing the safe and timely delivery of your assets.

Consulting: Our experts offer valuable insights and guidance on navigating the complex world of international trade and logistics.

Packaging: Samuel International places a strong emphasis on packaging solutions that safeguard your products during transit.

Global Shipping: Leveraging our extensive network and experience, we provide a seamless global shipping service.


Now in Japan, where onions can be a costly commodity, we proudly bridge the gap between quality and affordability. Our commitment lies in delivering the finest onions at the best prices, ensuring that households across Japan can access this culinary gem without compromising on quality.

In the heart of expansive rice fields, our commitment to excellence begins. We take pride in cultivating premium Japanese rice of the highest quality, ensuring that each grain reflects the dedication we pour into our fields. From the picturesque landscapes to your kitchen, our rice embodies the essence of authenticity.

We take pride in sourcing and importing the finest Brazilian chicken for our customers. Renowned for its high quality and taste, Brazilian chicken stands out in the international market, and we ensure that only the best products make their way to our inventory.

Salad Oil
Our best salad oil is a testament to our commitment to delivering premium culinary experiences. Carefully selected and crafted, our salad oil is a harmonious blend of high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful and flavorful addition to your salads. Whether drizzled over fresh greens or used as a key ingredient in dressings, our best salad oil enhances the taste and nutritional value of your dishes.

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